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Potty training……

I embarked on the great parenting adventure that is potty training  now that H is 22 months. It was all her she came back from nursery talking how her and her friends all did a poo in the potty. We have had potties in our house for 6 months. She sits on it every morning and just before bath time. She’s only done wees, so imagine my surprise 24th January hearing about her new adventure. So I then decided I might as well let her lead…

Started researching from the 25th January, I looked into classes, could not make the classes. So decided to research online, buy a book and talk to friends. They all told me similar things to do and not to. So I decided to put togther a tool kit for others.

Tool kit

  • Patience – Not one of my strong points, as H had been showing some signs of readiness and it seemed like the right time.
  • Equip yourself with a lot of spare pants, 2 home potty- upstairs, downstairs and travel potty.
  • Toddler-sized toilet seat adaptor – H loves hers.
  • Be consistent –  once you start there is no going back
  • I used incentives like chocolate buttons, fingers & iPad ( not for everyone, it worked for me)
  • Toddler pants featuring H favourite disney character
  • Toddler toilet wipes Preferably flushable ones, as this can be a messy old business…
  • A sticker chart next to the loo to motivate your toddler. When the chart’s full, H gets a lovely treat – so far she’s had baking session with mummy, a doll and a her face painted.


I confess,  I almost gave up on the 3rd day. The 1st day was a breeze, second day we had 2 wee accidents while playing. The 3rd day almost broke me, it was one wee accident after another, poo was done in the loo. She got claps, a song and 2 chocolate buttons then it was down hill. I  Seriously started to question whether I had misjudged her readiness in a fit of blinkered mother love. 4th day one accident just before lunch. 5th day no accident, 6th and 7th day 2 small accidents. We have good and ok days. Am going to stick with it, it’s definitely been character building for me. A month on and we still have accidents, I use pull ups at night and for day outs.

I’m not sure what you will think of our adventure,  we’d probably get the feedback that I should have done more. We’re not 100% there yet, but I’m pretty pleased with the progress we’ve made.  Well done H.  Mummy is SO proud of you xxx

The H List…little things for your baby to do before they’re Five

I will add to the list as H grows :-

  1. Blown bubbles
  2. Baked a cake
  3. Made a mud pie
  4.  Cleaned your own teeth
  5. Visited a museum
  6. Broken something valuable
  7. Finger painted
  8. Swim a length of the local pool
  9. Ridden on daddy’s shoulders
  10. Sing loudly in public – ABC song at 2yr (very proud)
  11. Climbed a big hill
  12. Picked fruit
  13. Made sandcastles on the beach
  14. Poo’ed in the bath
  15. Fed the ducks
  16. Lost her first tooth
  17. Had a friend sleepover
  18. Spend a night away from home
  19.  Ridden the tea-cups at the fair
  20. Jumped in a puddle so hard the water went in mummy’s shoe too
  21.  Been on a train ride
  22.  Ride a bike without stabilisers
  23.  Ride a push bike
  24. Master riding her scooter
  25.  Had a teddy bear’s picnic
  26.  Danced with no inhibition
  27. Been chased by a monster
  28. Chosen a favourite book
  29. Ridden on the top of double-decker bus
  30. Fed an animal
  31. Made up an inappropriate nickname for someone
  32. Worn pants on your head
  33. Flown a paper aeroplane
  34. Scribbled somewhere you shouldn’t
  35. Answered the phone
  36. Mastered a party piece
  37. Do a drama class
  38. Ballet Class
  39. Buy something in a shop
  40. Watch a ballet ( My First Cinderella)  
  41. Fully potty trained (dry night and day – 2yrs 10months)
  42. Learn her numbers 1-20, additions (2yrs, 2yrs 9 months )
  43. Learn A – Z ( 2yrs 6 months)
  44. Spell her name
  45. Have a princess party

Like I said – little things. But they’re the ones that matter most of all.

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