About me/Contact

Welcome to my world, I am Nimo, a first time mum to a beautiful baby girl H.  I live with my darling hubby in Ealing, and am currently a SAHM, working full time, still writing Ealingmummy in my spare time and volunteering for Ealing NCT as the publicity and digital officer.

In my former life I was a marketing manager but decided to go freelance as a digital marketing advisor to fit in with my family needs.

Since having my baby, my priorities have changed, and my high heels obsession has turned into a nappy one.  I currently have more shoes than nappies, but can’t promise that will last long.

I love adventures, making everyday special and exciting.  I have travelled the world, and it just made me want to see and experience more.  I started a blog as I wanted to document my time at home with Hanna and I needed an outlet to write, moan, boast and share.
Well, here are a few things about me:

  • I love smiles from H when she wakes me up in the morning,
  • Talking and laughing with my family and friends
  • Love Shoes & bags,
  • I have a very eclectic taste in music, I enjoy listening, singing and dancing to pop, soft rock, soul & county music
  • Am tone deaf
  • I like my gp and mummy friends for always telling me I am doing a good job
  • My dream car is an Aston Martin but I will settle for a red Porsche
  • Love Twitter, Facebook & Apple, come on Apple send me an iPad – now that iPad Mini is out, I would love one too.
  • I love travelling and Thai food,
  • If I’m going to be eating dinner alone I can almost guarantee I’ll have fish and chips (from the chippy).
  • I adore people that help you with pushchairs on stairs, snow & running.
  • I wish I could speak Arabic (fluently), Chinese and play piano
  • I can guarantee everything I post on this site will have an error in it even though I read it 10 times.


I’m writing this for mums & dads everywhere and not just Ealing. To share any tips that I’ve picked up in my months (19) of being a mother. When I find places that really do welcome children, rather than just claiming to. You will be the first to know. There may be a West London bias, as I live here but I hope something will be useful to visitors and residents. And when we leave the area occasionally and I will share my experiences. Thanks for visiting

My aim is to prevent feelings of failure and guilt, creating happy parents and babies. 

I am contactable at nimorich@gmail.com or @EalingMummy


3 thoughts on “About me/Contact

  1. Wow wasn’t expecting to find another mum from Ealing with a toddler of similar age too on WordPress, no competition mind, my blog is Motorsport based!
    Looking forward to some local news and reviews!

  2. Thanks Lisa for popping in. I love your blog will be back for a visit tomorrow. Just got back from A&E my poor petal fractured her ankle today:( The more the merrier we need more Ealing Mums blogging, never know might see you in one of our many summer fairs and festivals. N xx

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