Back to work….

I went back to work 2 weeks ago, after looking for a couple of months and meeting amazing people I have decided to accept this role. I love the work I will be doing and the idea of starting something new.
After accepting the role, I went back to my shortlisted nurseries and luckly we got a place in our 1st choice. I went to visit playways a year ago and put H down on the waiting list. The settling days and everything went smoothly
You might have already guessed that I am feeling guilty that I won’t be spending the day with her but although I feel guilty, I remind myself that we have our Fridays to ourselves (I have called it H and mummy day).
At the moment work is busy, meaning I get even less time to think about how much am missing H and the end of the day seems to come around quickly. I try and ensure I enjoy the evening with stories and lullabies to balance the day. Am enjoying being back at work, it’s made us more organised as a family. And, I feel more like myself again.  The intellectual challenge will mean that I sleep well!
Working mums face this kind of decision every day.  How do you get the right balance?  How flexible are your employees? How do you manage working and parenting?  Any tips?  Feel free to share them please.
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